Sapa Beautiful Season

The most beautiful seasons in Sapa

Sapa Beautiful Season

You can come to Sapa any season of the year. But the ideal time is from March to 5 or from September to November. At this time the weather is quite mild, less rainy and it is sunny during the day and cold at night.

From March to May: The weather is cool, there is a lot of fog in the morning and at night it is dry and cold. Especially, if you travel to Sapa between April and May, you will admire beautiful flowers, blooming valleys and green rice terraces.

Sapa Green Season

From September to November: This is the harvest time on golden rice terraces of local people. You will enjoy a gorgeous golden fall on the plateau with mild weather and mild yellow sunshine. During the day there are trips to beautiful sights in the famous tourist area of Sapa, and at night to the grill to enjoy the delicious food of Sapa.

From June to August: Summer is the time the hot sun is covering the provinces of the Northern Delta. Sapa becomes an ideal hot tourist destination when the highest daily temperature is only 25 degrees. In addition to this beautiful land, in summer you can also enjoy many kinds of Sapa garden specialties which are loved in the region, such as plums, peaches and tiger fruit.

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From December to February of next year: This is the coldest time to visit Sapa. However, this is the time that young people love and in recent years, it is becoming the new ‘hot trend’ to visit at this time. Now, if visitors are lucky they can have the opportunity to watch the snow fall, a phenomenon is rarely seen in a tropical country like Vietnam. Also, there is an experience that many people love, which is to enjoy the barbeque of cold cuts of meat from the town. Don’t miss the delicious dish of Sapa ‘armpit pigs’ if you are there!