Snow in Sapa 1 - Hoang Giang Hai

Snow in Sapa Vietnam – All Things you need to know before travel

Snow in Sapa 1 - Hoang Giang Hai

Snow in Sapa Vietnam – Sapa is widely known as the most wonderful snowfall scene in Vietnam. There is nowhere more ideal than Sapa not only for domestic visitors but also for foreign tourists to experience a snowy winter in a tropical climate nation.

The majority of travelers to Sapa choose the right time to see the first snow. Snow practically falls at the end of December which is the great time for a Christmas holiday and New Year vacation. The cold in Sapa is different from that of other cities in Vietnam thanks to snow. It is also distinguished from that of Western country because of the bitter cold as a result of typical tropical climate.

Today Vietnam Typical Tour’s Team will provide helpful information to help plan and prepare the best for your trip to Sapa in winter.

Snow in Sapa – Photo by Hoang Giang Hai

When does it snow in Sapa?

Snow is a typical weather phenomenon occurring when the temperature is too low. It is inherently considered to be a disaster for farmers. However, it is an ideal opportunity for tourists in Sapa tours to watch the snowfall in Vietnam – a tropical country. When the sky is clear without rain and fog and extremely cold at about -1 degree Celsius, it will snow. Depending on the weather condition each year, the snow usually falls between December 15 and January 1, which is the coldest period of the year in Sapa. The snowfall often lasts about 1 to 2 days.

Where are the snowiest places in Sapa?

Not everywhere in Sapa has snowfall so you have to keep in mind some snowiest places in Sapa to get the best view. According to the reviews of some experienced tourists, Hoang Lien Son Mountain, O Quy Ho Pass, Heaven Gate, Silver Fall or Bat Xat Commune are some typical places where has the largest amount of snow in Sapa. From the center of Sapa Town, you will easily find the way to these destinations because the nearest one is far about 20 kilometers and the furthest one is 40 kilometers away. If you have enough time, you should make the effort to go to Y Ty Pass where snow falls more and more beautifully than other places. Especially, terraced fields is an ideal place to watch snowing in an interesting way. While the terraced fields have a bright green color in the summer, it will completely become white in the winter, creating a wonderfully eye-catching scenery from above.

What you should notice when watching snow in Sapa?

When it snows, the temperature can drop down to -10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should make sure that you prepare enough suitable clothes and some necessary accessories such as a scarf, wool hat, gloves, jacket, fur shoes and so on. As for clothes, you should choose the most convenient one that can not only prevent wind and water in case of having dense fog or snowfall but also help you move easily. In addition, you need to bring some essential personal items to ensure your health during your Vietnam tours in Sapa. More importantly, some kinds of medicines must be taken with you to treat some common diseases, especially the cold. Also, you should bring a bottle of wine and use it when the weather is too cold in order to keep your body warm. Moreover, bringing a raincoat will help you fight with snow and wind better.

Follow are some tips to have a nice Sapa tour in winter

– Prepare enough warm clothes in case of the unexpected low temperature, especially tourists from tropical nations.

– 3-stars (or higher) hotels are highly recommended for their heating system.

– Ethnic home-stay overnight service is suggested to limit because the temperature can fall heavily at night. And local people’s houses are colder than in the town. (However, tourists may visit ethnic villages in daytime without worry)

– In case of thick snow, driving a car is difficult to some extent. Therefore, transporting by train from Lao Cai is advised.

With some information and tips above, I hope that you will get some useful experiences to enjoy your Sapa tours in the winter in a pleasant way.