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Sapa is one of the best places for trekking in Vietnam in particular and in Southeast Asia in general. Hikers and adventure lovers will never be disappointed when choosing one of our Sapa trekking tours. We have selected certain trekking routes from dozens of trails so that to bring the most beautiful scenery into your lens with a lot chances to visit tribal villages and meet Sapa’s tribal peoples at homes and at works.

Despite having so many different trekking routes to discover Sapa, you dont need to worry about it. Because Sapa Trekking Tours From Hanoi owns the most stunning itineraries that are designed to satisfy with your various requests. So, depending on your trekking skills and ability to you can choose the trekking route from easy to hard level on your trip.

The best time to visit Sapa is from March to May and from September to November. At these times, the weather is relatively stable with sunny days and cool nights. The first period is the fall time. At this time of the year, the weather is very comfortable for tourism. It is dry, clear with much sunshine. The view of Sapa’s terraces is at its best between September and October. The cool and dry weather with the stable temperature makes it the perfect time for trekking and photos. Read more When is the best time to visit Sapa?

Book Sapa tours with us you will get the best experience with true value. Please do not hesitate contact to us if you need any infomation about Sapa trekking tours!

Best Sapa Trekking Tours & Travel Packages 2019

RouteHanoi – Sapa – Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai - Ta Van – Giang Ta Chai – Supan – Ban Ho - Ban Ho – Nam Toong – Sapa - Hanoi
RouteHanoi – Sapa – Muong Hoa Valley – Silver Waterfall – Love Waterfall – Sin Chai Village – bus to Hanoi
RouteHanoi – Sapa – Muong Hoa Valley – Topas Ecolodge – Lech Dzao Village - Sapa - Hanoi
RouteHanoi – Sapa – Muong Hoa Valley – Tram Ton Pass – Mu Cang Chai – Tu Le – Hanoi
RouteHanoi – Sapa – Bac Ha Market – Love Waterfall – Tram Ton Pass – Binh Lu Valley – Muong Hoa Valley – Hanoi
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RouteHanoi – Sapa – Ban Khoang Vilage – Ta Giang Phinh Village – Tribal Market – Hanoi

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When is the best time to visit Sapa?

The best time to visit Sapa is In March-May and the end of September – November. In this time, you will feel the fresh air of nature, cool weather, dry […]